Info on Marrakesh

Upon your arrival in Marrakesh, do not only take the time to assist to the WHRF but let yourself get overwhelmed by the uniqueness of this city. The atmosphere, tastes, colours, smells and architectural constructions will remain forever embedded in your memory.

The city attracts over 2 million tourists a year and progressively orientates itself towards popular tourism, international meetings, business and luxury. Marrakesh is a city not to be missed; where culture, arts, traditions, and impressive architectural heritage coexist.

Marrakesh, regarded as being one of the four ancient imperial cities, is located in South Western Morocco at the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. It has over one million inhabitants. This unique city distinguishes itself by its red ocher colour of the majority of the buildings and architectural constructions, thereby the reason for the given nickname of the ‘red city’.

Do not hesitate to explore the historic district of the Medina with its narrow streets and the famous Jemaa El Fna Place, widely known for its vibrant nightlife and atmosphere. It is classified as an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. It is also seen as an ideal place to enjoy specialities of the local cuisine such as tajines and small salads. A small stroll through the souks of the Medina will give you an idea of the richness and diversity of the Moroccan craftsmanship.

It is near the famous Koutoubia Mosque, considered as being one of the finest monuments of the Maghreb region, that the Forum will host its participants.

Take the time to visit the fantastic building of Ben Youssef Madrasa, a big Koranic university that once attracted many students across the Muslim world.

Another great attraction in Marrakesh is the Bahia Palace, built in the late nineteenth century and known for its refined decorations, extensive gardens, multiple fountains as well as for its sophisticated architecture.

Next to the historic center of the Medina, do not forget to visit the European Guéliz district, which gradually transformed itself into a commercial and financial district.

The Jardin Majorelle, currently owned by Pierre Bergé Saint-Laurent Yves foundation, is a magical place not to be missed. Enjoy the symphony of bright colours and sounds, full range of exotic plants, singing birds and beautiful fountains…You can also discover the newly created Berber Museum.

You will inevitably notice a huge expanse of palm trees from your plane. Do take the time to visit this beautiful oasis of the Palmeraie to admire the fantastic scenery.

For sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, Marrakesh also offers a large variety of beautiful golf courses and is the ideal starting point for excursions in the mountains of the High Atlas.

Marrakesh, the Red City; is a magical place full of surprises, offering visitors a feeling that they will not encounter anywhere else.

In one word: a magical city which will definitely not disappoint you!


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