The Rights of Citizens at the Age of Data

Proposal for the Special Event

Organized by the National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP)

As part of the Global Forum on Human Rights

Marrakech, 27-30 November 2014


The Rights of Citizens at the Age of Data


Civil society and political activists have seized the tools of the digital age to expand the range of channels allowing them to share information and ideas formalizing their multiple battles.

Often, the issue of digital rights is reflected in the procedures for using digital tools (websites, blogs, social networks...).

Yet the future of the citizens and their rights in this era cannot be limited to the rights and procedures for the digital use and to the protection of citizens during this use.

We are on the verge of a true transformation: we live the advent of a new civilizational period, a new age: the age of the data.

The concept of privacy itself, which some consider a result of the second industrial revolution, is undergoing development and review.

What civil rights in the context of the "Open" paradigms (Open Parliament, Open Spending, Open Data...)? What future for personal data?

Organizations (companies, associations, enterprises ...) change patterns: they are switching from a pyramidal, hierarchical structure to a juxtaposed construction. We therefore, can see the early warning signs of collapse or implosion of those who have not been able to redefine themselves in the new context.

What will be the protection of citizens and their personal data, and what will be the future of human rights in the age of the data and its economy?



The Stakes of the Special Event:

The special event organized by the CNDP takes place in two stages:

First, a round table on the following topics:

1. An international benchmark of personal data protection doctrines.

2. The new elements introduced by the economics of the data and the challenges of protecting citizens.

3. Increasingly aggressive digital attacks against privacy and personal data.

4. The insights and human rights lessons in the age of the data.


Prospective Speakers (subject to change):

• A debate moderated by a renowned international journalist (for instance, Eric Fottorino, former director of Le Monde, director of the weekly newspaper Le 1).

• The President (s) of personal data regulation and protection authorities especially members of the Association of Francophone Data Protection Authorities (AFAPDP).

• Members of the CNDP.

• Bloggers and web columnists from different countries.

• Strategic web key players (digital board members in different countries).


Second, a special session of the CNDP will be organized in order to discuss the theme "Human Rights and the Protection of the Citizen in the Age of Data."