Concept Note of the Forum

In December 2013, the State Secretariat for Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil organized the First World Human Rights Forum (WHRF), with more than 5,000 participants from Brazil, Latin America as well as several countries, including Morocco.

This Successful forum was held twenty years after the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights in 1993.

Meanwhile, human rights values undergone a continuing universalization trend and are now a central component of international relations, with new treaties further strengthening international human rights law.

During this period, the United Nations system for the protection of fundamental human rights has significantly strengthened and renewed itself: the creation of the Human Rights Council, the adoption of the universal periodic review, the appointment of twenty-nine special procedure mandate holders, the entry into force of nine international instruments (two international conventions and seven optional protocols) are a testament to this.

Since Vienna, new regional bodies for the promotion and protection of human rights have emerged, while national human rights institutions, then in their infancy, have become dynamic actors with increasingly important roles.

At the same time, many national, regional and international non-governmental organizations, are increasingly professional and specialized, and have emerged as key stakeholders, bringing the voices of their societies and calling out the states to respect their international obligations. Over the past twenty years, new problems, previously unknown, have emerged and have challenged global awareness, while opposition to universalism has diversified and grown.

It is in this context of a globalized and interconnected world, that the forum in Brazil was held, confirming the need for a universal and brotherly space of dialogue and discussion between many stakeholders who are currently acting to respond to people's aspirations for dignity, equality and justice.

In the wake of this momentum, the second WHRF is held in Marrakesh at the end of November 2014.

As a follow-up to the first WHRF in Brasilia, the Marrakesh Forum will be composed of thematic forums. Their preparation and conduct are insuredby civil society networks, national human rights institutions, academic groups, etc.

The main conclusions will be presented at a final conference that will be attended by civil society, governments, NHRIs, representatives from the UN human rights system, international NGO's and international human rights experts and institutions who will be called upon to give their feedback, deliver messages, etc.

Training workshops can be proposed. The same applies to self-directed workshops to exchange good practices and experiences. New networks can also be set up, or lead to convergence assemblies.

Finally, a fair is organized on the social and solidarity economy, along with cultural events.

Several organizing bodies were set up, including an international monitoring committee, a national Moroccan secretariat, a local host committee in Marrakesh, an international preparatory committee (including all stakeholders involved) as well as an international scientific committee.